Friday 16 February 2018

*** Updated *** Twitter declares war on all UK Blogspot Bloggers

Update 16/2/2018
Many readers of the Barnet Eye as well as our small army of Twitter followers have been up in arms about the blocking by Twitter of the UK URL for this blog as well as all other UK URL's.

The Barnet Eye and fellow Barnet bloggers kicked off a campaign to get Twitter to sort the problem out. We Tweeted @Twitter, we Tweeted @TwitterSupport, we Tweeted at all of the senior management of Twitter we could find. We contacted the National Press. We reported Twitter to itself for violating its own rules.

And guess what? As of today, Twitter has sorted the problem out and UK URL's for blogger are now working again.

However, we've yet to have an apology or even a reply. In short, Twitter's customer service stinks. Sadly, it is a private monopoly. Having invested seven years in building a Twitter profile, it is virtually impossible for a blogger such as me to stop using this important delivery channel.

Anyway, we chalk it off as yet another success for the campaigning of the Barnet Bloggers! Many thanks to everyone who supported us!

** Ends **

I am livid. I have been a Twitter user for the best part of a decade. I have over 2,000 followers and have posted over 20,000 tweets in that time. I write a blog (this blog) on the UK Blogspot platform and use twitter as a vital part of my interaction with people who are interested in what I have to say.

Yesterday, I tried to post a link to a write up of a shopkeeper killed in Mill Hill. I was shocked to be informed that Twitter would not let me, on the grounds that I may be a Robot! This is the message that was displayed.

I assumed that someone had reported me to Twitter in an act of malicious spite. I Tweeted at the Twitter support. I also cc'd my fellow bloggers. I found I could post links to other sites, just not my blog.

To their credit, we received support from a most unexpected quarter when the picture started to emerge that the other Barnet Bloggers also appear to have been blocked from posting to their website.

I must say I am highly appreciative of the action of the Barnet Conservatives. It is entirely appropriate that all parties support free speech and genuine comment.

I then discovered that all historical tweets linking to my site also have a health warning. I was shocked to see this message.

In my book this is slanderous. Twitter have absolutely no grounds to state that my blog may be unsafe. Blogspot is a platform owned by Google and as this affects all UK Blogs (for some strange reason US blogs are not affected) it is clear that something has gone very wrong in Twitter.

I decided to try and contact Twitter support. Rather ironically, having been accused of being an automated Tweeter earlier, I clearly got a response from  a Twitter Robot when I attempted this.

Quite frankly, I am completely disgusted with Twitter. I am really not sure where to go with this. I suppose that the National Press is the next step. It seems to me that it ridiculous for Twitter to claim the UK Blogspot URL behaves different to the US version

Quite why Twitter has chosen to declare war on UK Bloggers is something one can only ponder. Is it malicious or simply incompetent. It won't change anything. We won't go away.



Anonymous said...

There's all kinds of stuff on Blogspot. Who knows what has triggered a blanket ban. (Brexit hasn't started yet?) It is lazy and incompetent and against the spirit of the web to ban any links like this.

Anonymous said...

Roger & all our other bloggers of Barnet ! A very big thank you for years of enlightened articles & opinions . I do think the blocking of your Twitter sites is a very clear reflection of the very poor state of our news & media cover at Local & national Level & that would be a very real understatement ! Our Local papers have been at best negligent to our community & the nationals are at best toilet paper ! Our news programs tell us nothing of what's really going on in the world so thank God we have people who at least Care for others in our community . So I would urge you & every person who use Twitter to leave them ! & tell them Why ! So thank you all for your work .