Sunday, 10 June 2018

The Tweets of The Week in The London Borough of Barnet

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It's Sunday so it's that time of the week where we see what the Twits of Barnet have been up to.

This week, the sun has been out and all manner of weird and wonderful and some not so wonderful things have been happening. Here is our pick

1. We start with a very special anniversary for one of our favourite shops! We joined in the celebration yesterday and purchased a couple of fine bottles of wine.

2. This is something you may want to check out

3. Be careful, there are some scumbags out there. Don't use your mobile phone on exposed streets

4. This is something worth checking out. Delicious food and a chance to meet new friends

5. This is why you shouldn't drink and drive!

6. Last Sunday there was a bomb detonated in Colindale!

7. If you live in Cricklewood and have some spare time, read this!

8. Mill Hill's army of litter pickers was out and about yesterday

9. There was a massive war in Barnet yesterday. Luckily all of the participants were able to have a thirst quenching pint after

10. Any aspiring drummers out there?

Be sure to follow any Tweeters who tickle your fancy (or anything else).

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