Friday, 29 June 2018

Help us put Cherry Lodge Cancer Care appeal back on track after devastating theft

The False Dots raising money for Cherry Lodge Cancer Appeal
Perhaps the most depressing piece of news in Barnet this week as been the theft of £45,000 raised by the Summer Solstice Festival for Cherry Lodge Cancer Care in Barnet. The festival was staged last weekend, and the money was stored overnight in the safe in the Old Elizabethans clubhouse, to be paid into the bank on Monday.

The money was to be used to fund a community cancer nurse for the charity. When the Barnet Eye heard the news, we were appalled. As a cancer sufferer, this is a subject very close to my heart. As we are holding a summer festival today and tomorrow in Mill Hill, we thought it would be most appropriate to try and raise some money to help plug the shortfall suffered by Cherry Lodge. My band, The False Dots will be playing at 7pm tonight and we will be inviting the audience to contribute to the cause. A hat will be passed around.

As there are many people who will not be able to attend the festival, I have also set up a JustGiving page. This is an even better way to contribute. The money goes straight to the Charity and if you tick the gift aid box, then it gets an extra 25% courtesy of the taxman, if you are a taxpayer.

Please visit the page and give something, no matter how small. Just click here to make a donation

JustGiving - Click here to donate to Cherry Lodge Cancer Appeal

We are a community, we stick together through thick and thin. Please support this. If you appreciate the efforts put into putting this blog together, then a donation  to Cherry Lodge is a great way to show it.

If you can make it down tonight, this video will give you an idea what the False Dots sound like. This is our latest track "They Cleared Out Your Desk", this is the anthem of the #KickOutCapita campaign in Barnet and has a very Ska feel to it.

*** Update - As promised we passed the hat around during our performance. The response was brilliant and we raised £124.28 from the collection. We'll be passing the hat a round again today before the performance by Radfax at 7pm. ***

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