Saturday, 7 March 2020

The Saturday list #255 - 10 ways to protect yourself from the Corona virus

Firstly, lets not panic. If you are a healthy person, the Corona virus is very unlikely to do more than make you feel off colour for a few days. Even those at risk are statistically unlikely to suffer long term consequences or death. But the most sensible thing we can do is avoid contracting the virus if we can. We've spent the week collecting tips from various healthcare professionals etc. Most are common sense and are probably worth bearing in mind generally. If you follow these rules, you will be far less likely to catch colds, flu or get stomach upsets.

1. Wash your hands properly with soap and water after travel or when you may have come into contact with the virus. The virus can live for up to 12 hours on many surfaces, so anything that has come into contact with peoples hands may have the virus. Statistically this is more likely to be doors in busy places, tube handrails etc.

2. Use your card to pay using the contactless feature. Avoiding cash is a sensible precaution as this comes into contact with peoples hands.

3. If you go to the supermarket, wipe the trolley or basket handle with an anti viral wipe. Many people will have pushed this around.

4. If you are flying, wipe down the arm rests and table with a wipe. Airlines do not clean this and you don't know  who sat in the seat before you.

5. Go for a pint after work! If you can avoid travelling on the tube or public transport in rush hour, you are far less likely to be squashed up next to someone with the virus. Generally if you can keep a metre between yourself and the next  person, it will massively reduce your chances of infection. If you can work from home, this would also reduce your risk.

6. Keep warm and hydrated. You become far more susceptible to infection when you are run down, cold and not in good health. Keeping warm and hydrated keeps your body working properly.

7. Avoid close contact with people displaying signs of illness. If you are on public transport or in a public place and someone is displaying signs of illness, sweating, coughing excessively etc, move as far away as possible. Don't be rude or embarrass people, but it is sensible  to put distance between yourself and them.

8. Do not rub your eyes, pick your nose or teeth if you have touched a surface that may be infected and not washed your hands. If this is something you are prone to, buy some anti viral wipes, if you can find any.

9. Use a litter picking stick to remove items that people may discard in your property, if you have a drive or front garden. Don't pick up discarded tissues and wipes with your hands.

10. Vodka is an effective antiviral disinfectant. If you  can't get hold of anti viral wipes and you are worried, soap and water is equally effective, but if you are out and about, why not take a packet of tissues and a flask of vodka. Most wipes simply use alcohol based disinfectants. A dab of vodka on a handkerchief will work equally as well if needed. A sad waste of vodka, but a handy tip. Make sure to tell your boss why you smell of booze though!

Have a great weekend, and stay safe. Bear  in mind you are still more likely to be run over crossing the road than you are to die of Covid-19.


valblog said...

Vodka would need to be 70% proof to kill viruses. Rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol is appropriate

Anonymous said...

Vodka is completely useless as a method of killing any virus. Where did you get such nonsense from?!