Thursday 14 July 2022

Can you help your local grassroots football clubs?

Regular readers will know I'm a bit of a football fan. I support two teams. In the Premiership I've been a lifelong Manchester City fan, through thick and thin. However as I can't get up there as often as I'd like, I have always taken an interest in our local lower league teams. In the 60's and 70's my Dads business sponsored Edgware Town FC. 

The advert for MacMetals was on the programme for donkeys years. I developed an affinity for Barnet FC when they played at Underhill. A few beers before at The Mitre, a curry on the High St after. When they moved to The Hive, it never was quite the same. Four years ago I started following Hadley FC, the oldest club playing inthe Borough. I went along at the invite of my nephew, who was writing a blog on local Non League football. I loved it and bought a season ticket. Today I will be going up to tidy up the ground and car park areas and clean up the signage, as the club prepares for the new season. The club runs on the grace of volunteers. If you can spare an hour or two today or tomorrow, please get in touch. The more people help, the quicker it gets done. Contact details here - - Please give an hour or two if you can.

On Tuesday I went down for my first game of the new season, a cracking pre season friendly against Edgware and Kingsbury FC (the club Edgware Town became when they moved from the Old White Lion Ground). They play at Silver Jubilee Park. I met up with a couple of mates, one of whom is the club secretary at Edgware. 

He asked me to put a call out. The club needs sponsors and volunteers. Specifically they need people to help in the following areas.



General stewards

Local grassroots clubs do amazing work. For many local youngsters, clubs like Arsenal, Spurs etc seem to be mythical entities that they would only play for in their dreams. Local non league clubs provide a realistic opportunity to play at a decent level. They have yout schemes and any half decent players have a chance if they work hard. Some players including Stuart Pearce and Ian Wright started in Non League and ended up playing for England and for Premiership clubs. 

You can contact Edgware Town here -

Another great local club are Hendon FC. They are playing an Arsenal XI tomorrow at Silver Jubilee Park.  Why not nip along if you fancy some great football on your doorstep.

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