Sunday 3 July 2022

The tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 3rd July 2022

 How's your week been? My week has been mad busy and I'm cream crackered, as you may have guessed from the relative lack of blogs. Yesterday I attended two marvellous local festivals, The Jesterfest in West Hampstead and the East Barnet Festival. We supplied sound equipment to both and it was nice to see decent crowds out. The highlight was a spiffing set from my old mate Alan Warner and The Foundations.

Enough of my week, what have our tweeters been up to?

1. Leyts start with some rather sad news. Everyone's favourite local Vicar (even though he wasn't one) and opener of just about every local fete and jumble sale for many a year, Frank Williams has passed away

2. Nice pic of St Mary's Finchley

3. All the best to this Hadley FC legend

4. It was Pride yesterday so had to pick this

5. A new station is emerging

6. Nice to see some artistic creativity

7. A date for your diary

8. Ever heard of the role of the Barnet Rebels in the Peasants revolt? You have now

9. Please drive carefully

10. Need a new guitar?

That's all folks!

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