Friday 8 July 2022

Has any Prime Minister ever done more damage to Great Britain than Boris Johnson?

I spent the whole of my dog walk this morning wrestling with whether to write a blog about Boris or to do a Friday joke. In the end, I decided that Boris leaving office really was an event that I couldn't ignore. It will be fascinating to see how history judges Boris Johnson. To some in the Tory party, he will probably always be a hero for ending the chaos around the Brexit negotiations and forcing through the agreement for the UK to leave the EU. What most Remainers never fully appreciate is that hard #Brexiteers did not vote for Brexit because they thought it would make Britain more prosperous, sign lucrative trade deals with Botswana and New Guinea or even because they thought that we'd suddenly be in some new golden age. They voted for #Brexit because they believed that the UK being a sovereign state was more important than wealth, prosperity and freedom of movement around the EU. Boris Johnson knew and understood this. He has never been a 'details man'. He knew that if he forced through the agreement, don't call it a deal because it wasn't, he knew this would cement his name in history. What we are left with was never the finished article, oven ready deal that we were promised. The wrangling continues, it has almost destroyed the Northern Ireland peace accord. It has given the SNP and almost unassailable grip on Scotland and a plausible fig leaf of an excuse for breaking up the United Kingdom. 

It has emerged that Boris Johnson had rather iffy meetings with a Russian Oligarch who was and maybe still is a KGB asset in Italy. No one was present to know what was discussed. There is a story that a private phone call was arranged with the Russian foreign minister, but allegedly Boris got pissed and was too hungover to take the call. This happened when Boris was the Foreign Minister. All I can say is that If this wasn't a highly dodgy set of events, the Commons committee wouldn't have grilled him 

Many committed Boris supporting Tories have claimed that Boris has shown leadership by his support for Ukraine. I was chatting with a Russian friend and suggested that Boris was brave visiting Zelensky in Kiev the middle of a war. My friend replied "He was safer there than in London, Putin wouldn't want anything to happen to Boris". The sad truth is that #Brexit damaged the unity of Western Europe and emboldened Putin. When the UK was in the EU, the smaller Eastern nations knew that the UK, who were the second most important financier of the EU, were on their side. With us gone, we've seen Germany and France prevaricate. In 2018, I discussed #Brexit with a local UKIP candidate. I said that the UK leaving the EU would massively undermine the security of states such as Estonia, Lithuania and Poland. With the UK in the game, they could rely on us to stiffen the backbones of the French and Germans in the face of Russian pressure. He said that this was the first proper reason anyone had ever given him for the UK remaining in the EU and he couldn't disagree with logic of what I was saying, although he felt that the UK would still be better off out of the EU.

I have a friend who is obsessed with the battle between the US authorities and the Mafia and other gangster groups. He's written books on the subject and has been consulted on films. I was discussing the situation with the dodgy Russian cash sloshing around in the UK. Local MP Theresa Villiers is just one Tory MP to get a large bung from a Russian Oligarch. He said that it was pretty clear to him that this was a very dodgy situation and anyone who was familiar with the workings of organised crime would be horrified to see such activities. He said that the way organised crime groups are destroyed always happens when you follow the trail of dodgy money and root out corrupt officials and bung takers. In his view, no one ever gives someone else huge bungs out of the goodness of their heart. Those sort of donations go to Dogs and Cats homes, not to politicians on the fringes of power. Whatever Boris may or may not be, it is clear that many in the Conservative party owe a lot of Oligarchs a lot of favours. 

Until David Cameron pressed the #Brexit button, the UK and it's institutions were held in high regard. Last night, there was a section on the news where they showed what news channels in other nations were saying about us. It was not pretty viewing. The true legacy of Boris Johnson is not a smooth #Brexit following a ready for oven deal. We have a half baked agreement that is on the verge of unravelling. Public confidence in politicians has never been lower. When I was campaigning for the Lib Dems in Mill Hill, a ward that was virtually unwinnable, one resident told me in no uncertain terms "You are all the same, just in it for yourselves". I replied "All I'm going to get out of this is blisters on my feet, I'm doing this so you have some sort of choice and so the local Conservatives know they have to pull their finger out, I'll get nothing out of this". He said "You just want to line your pocket". I told him that if that were true, I'd have stayed doing IT consultancy, which was lucrative and a doddle compared to walking the streets campaigning and even if I became leader of the council I'd still be worse off than if I'd stayed in IT". He simply didn't believe me. That is the message that Boris and his parties and rule breaking has sent. It goes on. It seems the reason Boris Johnson wants to hang on is so he can have a massive party at one of his official residences. It is truly sickening. No wonder people have lost trust in politicians. 

I personally doubt that Boris Johnson is or ever has been a KGB asset in the true sense of word. I don't think he's been on their payroll, taken orders or been part of any cunning plan that Putin has spun. He's just too unpredictable and selfish to rely on to do anything. If he was given orders, I'd expect him to bugger them up if I was his handler. He is a loose canon. His biggest value to the likes of Putin is that he's a bull in a china shop and he trashes everything he comes into contact with. No Prime Minister I can recall has done more damage to the credibility of the UK than Johnson.  My friend who advises me on gangsterism tells me that he views the situation a bit like someone letting a viper loose in a crowded room filled with your adversaries. You have no control of who the viper will bite, but whatever damage it does is going to be good for you. What you should be looking at is who let the viper loose. We will never know which Tory MP's that took money from Oligarchs helped put Boris in power and keep him there. We don't know if they were under orders or whether they were just useful idiots who the Oligarchs supported as they knew they'd do the devils work. If you know that Brexit will strengthen the influence of Russia, then ensuring Brexiteers take over the Tory party is a smart move. They don't even have to be sympathetic to you, or taking orderr to do your work. You just need to help them get a bit of influence and then let them create mayhem, as it can only be good for you. 

The sorry truth is that the UK is in a total mess. This suits the enemies of the UK and the enemies of the UK have spent a fortune creating an environment where this situation has come to pass. It has cost them a few million quid to subsidise a bunch of morons to create havoc in the UK political system. How else can you explain us having to vote for a choice between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn. In the States they had to choose between Trump and Biden, another choice that isn't exactly inspiring. Germany is reliant on Russia for energy and are in no position to stand up to Putin, as we've seen. It really can be no surprise that Putin felt emboldened, even if he may have miscalculated in Ukraine. 

The sad truth is that Boris Johnson has left the job of Prime Minister with the UK's global reputation in tatters. The unseemly manner of his passing, with 50 ministers having to resign before he grudgingly departed is shameful. Northern Ireland politics is in paralysis with Sinn Fein now the largest party on the assembly. Scotland may well be having a referendum on leaving the UK around the time the Tories choose the successor to Boris Johnson.  He is simply hanging around like a bad smell. The person I feel most sorry for is Her Majesty, the Queen. Her first Prime Minister was Winston Churchill. Can you imagine how she feels having to spend her 90's putting up with Boris Johnson? There's a real chance that the efforts of Boris Johnson will mean she ends her reign simply as Queen of England, the first monarch for centuries without dominion over Scotland. Make no mistake, no Prime Minister ever done more damage to Great Britain than Boris Johnson. As someone who considers myself to both of the left and patriotic, it breaks my heart. 


Fraser said...

Perhaps you might look at Harold Wilson's time as Prime Minister

Rog T said...

Wilson was a paragon of virtue compared to Johnson. Created the Open University, gave the UK a vote on EEC membership, abolished capital punishment, decriminalised homosexuality, relaxed divorce and abortion laws, built 1.3 million homes and 150 new schools in his first term. In his second term he had a tiny majority and was was suffering the first symptoms of dementia. He resigned on his own terms, wasn't sacked by his own cabinet. Unlike Wilson, we've not had cabinet papers etc from Boris released under the 30 year rule. I suspect that when they are, your question will seem completely ridiculous. Interestingly many of the things people blame Wilson for were issues caused by Ted Heath, such as the three day week and the damage to the UK economy caused by the OPEC oil price hike. Boris took us from almost 0% inflation to 10% in 2.5 years. We are seeing strikes on a level unheard of since the 70's and 80's. You are welcome to submit a guest blog which will be published without comment so long as it is based on fact.