Sunday 16 July 2023

The tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 16th July 2023

 I've had a wonderful week. The highlight was the BBC Northern Soul Proms last night. The BBC has it's detractors, but it has kept the UK at the very top of the league culturally and continues to do so. If you've never been to the Proms, check it out. It's not stuffy, how could it be with a Northern Soul night. 

The only people who would want to see the end of such wonderful things are clearly people who hate the UK and probably hate themselves! 

Anyway, enough of my ramblings, how's about the Tweeters of Barnet? Once again they've not failed us.

1. How could I not start with this wonderful tweet!

2. We've had some wonderful butterflies in our garden this week. Our good friend Don has seen a few around Edgware. Excellent tweeting

3. How could I not include this. The wonderful fire fighters of Finchley! Spiffing tweeting

4. I love this. I remember the prefabs at Cricklewood, next to the railway line, just south of the station. I felt quite sad when they were demolished, but then again I didn't have to live in one.

5.If you want to get included in this list, post something like this. I can remember being gutted that I missed this gig, only found out about it after the fact. George Thorogood is an absolute force of nature

6. One of our local legends. Used to be a teacher at my old school, Orange Hill.

7. Nice tweet from our friends at The Mill Hill Historical Society. Always wondered who John Keble was! Done quite a few shifts for the Mill Hill Homeless night shelter at the church.

8. Why indeed?

9. A fair question?

10. And to finish, some awful news. I am a Hadley FC season ticket holder. I knew Tony was unwell, but this is devastating. My thoughts and prayers are with Anthony and his family at this time.

Oh and being a shameless self plugger, please put the date in your diary and come down and see The False Dots on the 15th September at The Dublin Castle. This is what you'll get. If you like a bit of Ian Dury inspired slightly punky ska music, you'll love it

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