Sunday 9 July 2023

The tweets of the week in the London Borough of - 9th July 2023

With all the talk of Twitter falling to bits and rival services starting, it is small wonder that there are still so many excellent Tweeters in Barnet. This week, we have a wonderful selection for your delectations.

1. Lets start with this rather wonderful tweet. If you look, there are many things in Burnt Oak worth a look (more of that later)

2. Good to see that there is work to keep the Silk Stream in good shape.

3. It is almost criminal that this landmark was knocked down.

4. I saw one of these billboards and assumed it was an advert for underwear, not porn sites. Not really sure that porn should be advertised on High Street posters

5. Mark Amies @Time_nw account has long been a favourite here, here's another reason why

6. SOme wonderful pictures of Cricklewood

7. The Pre season has well and truly started for our favourite local team, the oldest in Barnet

8. I was honoured to meet the lady who runs this wonderful feed this week. They do excellent work

9. Community Focus is an amazing organisation. Check them out

10. Some musical fun in Mill Hill

That's all folks

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