Sunday 23 July 2023

The tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 23rd July 2023

 My week has been pretty good. I recorded a new single with my band, The False Dots on Wednesday, saw one of my favourite bands, The Dickies on Thursday, saw the wonderful play 'Patriots' on Friday at the Noel Coward Theatre on Friday and had a very pleasant curry with my Daughter at The Mill Hill Tandoori last night.

That was my week, what was yours like? More to the point, what have our local Twitteratti been up to. In truth, it has been a pretty interesting week, with a decent selection. This feature will be on holiday next week, so it's just as well (I'm not around on Sunday), so you'd better enjoy this!

1. Lets start with a question. Did you know there was an HS2 project in Edgware? I didn't until I saw this. Does anyone know the details?

2. Our local football community put rivalries aside and made a magnificent effort. A big shout out to all the teams who participated. I am proud of our local football community

3. Did you know London's first nightbus ran from Cricklewood to Liverpool Street?

4. If you've never heard the Sitar being played, you really should check this out and if you have, you will probably want to!

5. Nice pic of our favourite local cinema

6. One of our fave local charities

7. This is a proper good bit of tweeting!

8. I'm sure a lot of locals will smile when they see this

9. A very good question. Mine is the Torrington in Finchley

10. This is classic!

Earlier, I mentioned our new single. Here is a video we made as we put it together.

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