Sunday 8 October 2023

The tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet 8th November 2023

As ever we start with a quick round up of my week.  

So how's your week been? It's not been a great week for me. My cousins funeral on Friday cast a long shadow, Yesterday we had a nice wak around the Totteridge Valley and Darlands, followed by a good curry with friends. I took a few piccies that I rather like.

I made the mistake of not going to Waltham Abbey to watch Hadley FC and missed one of the games of the season, great result lads. I also had a great rehearsal with The False Dots on Thursday, for our forthcoming gigs at the Bull Theatre and The Dublin Castle.

 It was particularly good for me, as we have resurrected an old song, one I've not sung before. It sounded great. I am really enjoying singing with the band. The only problem is I find it a bit constraining on my guitar playing. 

Anyway, that's enough of my week. What have our tweeters been up to

1. Lets start with a date for your diary

2. This caught my eye. I was a big fan of Michael Moorcock sci fi. This is a film that I've always wanted to see, but have never managed to. I wanted to watch it at a proper cinema. If you've not read Moorcocks works, Behold the Man and Mother London are true masterpieces. Very thought provoking. My cousin told me that he considered Behold the Man to be blasphemous, but I see nothing wrong with imaginative fiction, even if it offends some. I miss the old ABC in Edgware, saw some classics there.

3. One of the Boroughs best musical artists. Great to hear her on BBC London yesterday on one of my fave radio shows

4. One of the pleasures of this feature is finding gems like this and giving them a shout out!

5. Always like to give our friends at The Colindale folk club a shout out

6. This is wonderful. Whilst I love Bang Bang, the old Oriental City was far superior!

7. If you want to read how well the Borough's oldest and best team got on yesterday, look no further. Well done boys

8. A date for your diary

9. A nice bit of local history

10. A local legend had a birthday this week!

I'll finish off with a little preview of what you might see if you come down to one of the gigs that I mentioned above.

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