Sunday 22 October 2023

The tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 22nd October 2023

 As ever, I start with a potted round up of my week, before we get down to business. I've had a wonderful week. Wednesday saw a rehearsal for the False Dots forthcoming gig next Saturday ( CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS ), with Tom our trumpet player.  On Thursday, I went down to the NFT to watch Ken Loach's new film 'The Old Oak'. I am a big fan of Loach's work, ever since I first watched Kez, many moons ago. I realised that in some ways, many of his films are semi autobiographical, one man drowning in a sea of injustice. It is a good commentary on Great Britain today. Whatever you may think of Ken Loach, I believe we need people like him, to tell us things we don't want to hear and to challenge us. I went to an afternoon screening, followed by an Orange Hill School reunion, that was nice. On Friday as reported, I went to see Sunny War at the Slaughtered Lamb. Last night, it was Lloyd Cole who was wonderful. I've seen Lloyd Cole twice in my life, both times I missed watching England lose a World cup game due to a controversial decision. Last night it was The Rugby World Cup semi. In 1986, I went to Milton Keynes bowl to watch him, as well as Simple Minds, The Waterboys and Big Audio Dynamite. It was the day of the infamous hand of God Maradona goal. Lloyd was good, but I'll make sure I don't see him when there's a world cup game on!

Any way, enough of all of that. I didn't do this feature last week. Barnet seemed too traumatised by the awful events in the Middle East to tweet anything, but this week our tweeters are back on form.

1. Let's start in Burnt Oak, were a long standing stalwart of the community has just retired. We wish Fr Colin a happy and peaceful retirement

2. Nice historical tweet from a rather good account that is new to us, and a map from an old friend, showing this cartographhically

3. A date for your diary (not the Borough of Barnet, but just across the road!)

4. And whilst we are in the South West of the Borough, this is a nice tweet

5. Those of you in the Colindale/Graham Park area might want to check this out

6. Another date for your diary, this does look fun

7. We are big supporters of the night shelters scheme

8. A great result for the Borough of Barnet's oldest football team. Why not join them next Saturday at Brickfield Lane (opposite The Gate pub) for some solid non league footie. It's a great club with a friendly atmosphere (and then nip up the hill to High Barnet for the False Dots!)

9. We would have featured this last week, if we'd done this feature. Not too late to register!

10. And we'll finish our round up here. A rather good thread from another of our fave accounts

And finally

There are three things I don't do on this feature. I don't pick my own tweets, as a Manchester City Fan I don't celebrate Manchester United and their players and I only pick ten tweets. I hope you'll agree that today it is fitting that I break all of these rules. So here is my final tweet of the week. I hope you agree that it's fitting.

Have a loveley Sunday and a great week. I hope you don't mind before I go putting in a final plug for the False Dots gig at the Bull Arts Centre in Barnet next Sat, 28th October. Here's the poster and a video of what you might expect!

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