Sunday 29 October 2023

The tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 29th October 2023

As ever, we start with a quick round up of my week, how has your week been? I've been busy! Monday had a rather nice curry in Brick Lane and a pint in the Blind Beggar. Without wishing to make a politcal point, we did have a discussion abou the Palestinian flags on every lamp post. When I first started working in that area in the 1980's, it was still a relatively Jewish area, with some amazing bagel shops. Things change. Wednesday had a band rehearsal, Friday celebrated my nephews recent wedding. And last night,,,,, 

1. It's always nice when you put on a show and someone appreciates it.

2. This post had to be included. The tweets of the week have been featuring Mark Amies posts about The Railway Hotel in Edgware for nearly a decade now. Sadly it seems no nearer a solution (other than the place burning down)

3. A date for your diary. The Colindale folk club in Barnet

4. Some tweets simply have to be included. Brilliant pic

5. Roger was a Mill Hill legend and his daughter Debbie is a very good mate of mine. RIP

6. Who knew that Crespigny Road was so exciting?

7.A bishop was in Burnt Oak

8.cA date for your diary

9. Nice autumnal pic

10. WE love a nice guitar!

That's all folks.

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