Friday 13 October 2023

A clarification - Why I do not engage with Mrs Angry AKA Theresa Musgrove & The Broken Barnet Blog

Most of the time, I enjoy blogging. Very occasionally, I find it sickening. Today is one such time. Yesterday, when I posted a blog celebrating fifteen years of this blog and a little potted history, I was feeling very happy and nostaligic. Then I started getting messages drawing my attentiont to a tweet by Mrs Angry AKA Theresa Musgrove. This is what it says.

As well as this, she left a comment on the blog which I felt was highly inaccurate, offensive and possibly slanderous. I did not publish it, as I would in effect be slandering myself in the process. In my blog yesterday about the 15 years of blogging, I did not mention Ms Musgrove. I would not presume to tell her what to publish, but clearly she decided that she has a right to tell me what I can and can't publish. Normally, I would let this go, but the truth of the matter is she is being completely dishonest. She is 100% aware of why I do not engage with her and why I have not for several years. She has tweeted jibes in my direction previously, which I have ignored. It is clear that this will not stop.

Ms Musgrove blocked me in December 2019, following a spat on Twitter, where she claimed that the Lib Dems were supporting the Tories in Mill Hill. She tweeted that I was 'harrassing her' and suggested that I wouldn't stop. I don't really wish to comment more, however, I will share the following email exchange from March 2020, which I think makes 100% clear why I have not enagegd with her and why what she is tweeting and posting is, in my opinion dishonest and highly misleading. 

I've redacted the names of certain individuals and emails for privacy. I suggest reading from the bottom up for the italics, to read in sequence. 

Theresa Musgrove 
 22/03/20 12:27

 WHAT??????? I know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING whatsoever about this and I feel physically sick reading what you have just said. Please ignore the bollox about no contact - I am happy to state in writing that I have not made any complaint, do not consider a disagreement about political matters to be a police matter, and am happy to have contact with you. Please tell me the name of the officer at Colindale - I want to get to the bottom of this. How could someone else make a complaint about me being 'harrassed', without me being contacted for my views, or notified? None of this makes sense. I feel at the point of explosion, to discover ******** is capable of doing something like this - assuming it was him. Just this morning I have told him where to get off, and published an edited version of a tweet about ******* ******, one of two I spotted last week and which were reported. I have kept screenshots. I am literally shaking with fury. 

On Sun, Mar 22, 2020 at 12:09 PM ROGER TICHBORNE wrote: 
Dear Theresa I hope you and the family keep well/survive etc. Following on from your tweet claiming that I was harassing you, I received a telephone call from an Officer at Colindale, advising me that a complaint had been made that I was subjecting you to a campaign of harassment, siting that tweet as evidence. My assumption was that the complaint was made by **** ******* in retaliation for a complaint I had made about him, ********* ****** also has made a similar complaint against him. The police stated that by posting that tweet, you were asking for me to formally cease all contact and any further contact would be reportable and a criminal offence. I was advised in the strongest terms possible that if I had any further contact with you on social media, by email, through third parties or in person that I was liable to a harassment order and arrest. Strictly speaking I should not be responding to this email. I am notifying you as a courtesy, as it appears that you may well have been unaware of this issue. Please do not contact me again, as I have no wish to have any further dealings with the Police on this matter. Regards Rog 

On Sunday, 22 March 2020, 10:55:37 GMT, Theresa Musgrove wrote:

I have unblocked you on twitter as it seems rather pointless to be childish at this awful time. Last night I had to warned ***** ********** about ******** as he left a comment about her daughter, who is a very pretty young dancer without work, and I could just see what he was up to - if you have seen that '******** ************' video on Youtube you will know why. But I see he is also setting himself up as some sort of 'official' point of information. I've tweeted at him to pack it in but of course he is relishing this chance to manipulate. I hope you and your family are well and coping with the current crisis. I'm on full Monty lockdown due to health issues for the foreseeable future, but happy enough at home so far.

For completeness, here is the tweet referred to. 

I wish Ms Musgrove no harm. I have no idea who made the complaint or why. I've learned that speculating is unwise. The scenario I suggested as an assumption above was to give her an honourable way out, if she'd done something rash in an agitated moment and was regretful, although it would not surprise me if that was what happened either given the individual in question, however my assumption was that if she genuinely had not made the report and was upset, she would clear the matter up with the Police, explain that it was malicious and get them to contact me stating that the matter was closed. 

If it was me, I would have been on the phone to the police immediately and gotten written confirmation, which I'd have posted through her door.  This has, to date not happened. Instead, I get tweets directed at me, claiming I am being "uncomradely" for blocking her (when as she admits in the above email), she blocked me and abusive comments posted on my blog.  This does not seem to me to be the actions of someone who genuinely was 'physically sick' when they 'found out' about this complaint.

It is unfortunate. I am not asking anyone to take sides.  She s a perfectly good blogger and played a big role in the Barnet blogging scene. You may feel her comments are justified and valid. That is your perogative, but I have no wish at all to engage with this person. All I really want to do is to ignore her and for her to do the same. I spoke to one of my legal advisors before posting this. In the circumstances, it is reasonable for me to clarify this, in light of these comments. I am sick of people asking me as to why I am being so beastly to her. Whatever you think of what I've said, now you know why. 

This will be the end of the matter as far as I am concerned. 

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