Thursday 30 May 2024

The Odds and Sods EP - The False Dots release retrospective EP to celebrate first gig outside London since 1985!

To celebrate The False Dots first gig outside of London  tonight at The Horn in St Albans, since 1985,when we played The Tiki club in Belgium, we are releasing a very special EP. We don't do the obvious things. We release  songs we don't play to coincide with gigs!

We have put together a collection of great tracks that we no longer perform, featuring some amazing guests.
  1. Spotlight, last played in 2011, written by Connie Abbe/Rog and Fil and featuring Connie on vocals. This is an alternative version which we think is pretty cool. This was used by the @Mancity website for their goal of the month show in 2011 and has had over 11 millions plays! Last performed in 2011 at The Mill Hill Music Festival
  2. Saturday, this version features Lee Thompson of Madness on sax and amazing poet, sometime Hawkwind contributor Allen Ashley on vocals. Lyrics by Rog and Allen Ashley (still played albeit a different version and arrangement)
  3. They cleared out your desk - Written for the #KickOutCapita #BarnetUnison campaign Allen Ashley on vocals. Lyrics by Allen Ashley and RogLast performed in 2019
  4. I'm the man. Featuring top US vocalist Charles Honderick, Paul Hircombe on bass, Tony Caveye on drums and Fil and Alexander Sarychkin on Lead. :ast performed in 2009
  5. Pauls song - Written by Paul Hircombe (RIP) in 1984 and rewritten by Paul, Rog and Fil in 2007. Featured on a charity EP in 2009, at Pauls last gig. Was considered as a theme tune for a BBC TV production! An Instrumental. Tony Caveye on drums

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