Monday 13 May 2024

Do you think the Glazers are Manchester City fans in disguise?

 Yesterday must have been a truly miserable day for Man Utd fans. If they lost, well they lost to the team they used to perceive as their biggest title rivals when Sir Alex Ferguson was in his pomp. If they won, they'd more or less hand the title to the old enemy and the noisy neighbours Manchester City. Needless to say they lost. To make matters worse, the roof of their stadium leaked, turning the terraces into something resembling the rivers of Babylon.

The City fans have a chant to wind the reds up 

Old Trafford is Falling Down

Ten Hag is a F****ng clown

Glazers there for  ten more years

Man City are on the beers!

Watching the game yesterday, that came to mind. It really sums it up. A United Twitter account posted this


It makes me wonder whether the Glazers are really City fans, milking every last penny from Utd as they destroy the club. The more I watch the more it seems a plausable theory. 

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