Wednesday, 13 June 2012

One promise I sincerely hope Brian Coleman breaks !

In 2008, Brian Coleman exclaimed

"If the 2012 Games come in at the current budget of £9.3billion I will happily walk naked down Ballards Lane."

(reported here

Today the BBC reports that Brian Coleman may well be ruing his words, as the BBC reports that the scheme is going to be nearly half a billion pounds under budget - - and that work has progressed well ahead of schedule.

The Barnet Eye is calling on Brian Coleman to publicly announce his plans to renege on this promise. Rumours have it that Mr Daniel Hope, ex Conservative Councillor for Brunswick Park and owner of the Barnet Bugle was seen in Jessops purchasing  a high magnification telephoto lens, although we cannot confirm whether this is related to Mr Colemans plans.

Hat tip to Don't Call Me Dave for reminding us.


Morris Hickey said...

It would certainly bring a new dimension to the queen's jubilee....

Don't Call Me Dave said...

Too late. Brian is already in training:

Barnet55plus said...

I don't think it would be a pretty sight!