Thursday, 21 June 2012

The Barnet Eye calls on all musicians, music lovers and decent human beings to support the campaign to free Pussy Riot in Russia

As a punk rock musician, studio owner and human being, I am asking everyone who believes in freedom of artistic expression to support the campaign to free the Russian feminst Punk Rock band Pussy Riot - The Telegraph yesterday reported that the band has been locked up by the Russiabn Government "for their own good" for hooliganism and face 7 years in Prison. Their crime? Writing a song imploring the Virgin Mary to banish Vladimir Putin. A website has been set up to support the band -

This blog believes that nobody should ever be arrested for such a crime. We call on all musicians across the globe and everyone who believes in artistic integrity to join the campaign to free the band. Please forward the details of this campaign to all your friends.

Viva la Rock !


Morris Hickey said...

Wasn't Mrs Slocombe a champion of free pussy?

Vicki Morris aka Citizen Barnet said...

Hear, hear! One of the signs that the Stalinists ruling the Soviet bloc were doomed (and deserved to be) was banning 'Western' pop music. Free Pussy Riot!