Saturday, 9 June 2012

The Saturday list #1 - Things which don't live up to their promises

Welcome to a new series. Given the massive popularity of the Friday Joke in the bloggs of Barnert, I thought it was time for a little something for the weekend. We will try and have a weekly Saturday list. I will try and keep it vaguely humourous and vagely topical. Anyway here we go, things which fail to live up to their promises. I've been wanting to do this ever since I saw the film "Falling down" with Michael Douglass. There is a scene where he orders a burger and it looks nothing like the picture. Feel free to add your own.

1. Every England football team world cup and euro campaign since 1966.
2. Everything the Rolling Stones have done since they released "Start Me Up".
3. Every film Sequel, apart from Godfather II.
4. The remake of the Producers.

5. Flying home business class from Washington on US airlines.
6. Barnet's Jubilee Beacon, which failed to light.
7. Every dodgy establishment I've ever staggered into in Soho when drunk on a stag night.
8. Every recording ever made by Annie Lennox.
9. Chinese eat as much as you like buffets

10. Audley Harrison.

Have a nice Saturday !


Mr Mustard said...

following Don't Call me Dave's comment on Mrs Angry's posting about Richard Cornelius becoming a councillor so that he could save Totteridge library I think you can safely add Richard at no. 11

Morris Hickey said...

"...... at no. 11".

Downing Street?