Monday, 18 June 2012

Metropolitan Police release crime figures for Barnet by twitter

There are some very interesting tweets this morning from the Metropolitan Police in Barnet. These reveal some (on the face of it) encouraging trends in crime figures in Barnet.

 crime figures for the year so far. Robbery down 19% Burglary down 12% Vehicle crime down 14% Assault with injury down 19%.

 other crime figures. Domestic violence up 3% Youth violence down 18% Racist/Religious crime down 15% & Knife crime down 1%

Even the figures which are up, for domestic violence, may actually indicate a positive trend as people are becoming less inclined to cover up abuse. Of course, there is much analysis to be done to make proper sense of the figures, but it appears that the Met are doing something right in Barnet.

Good news all round it seems. The Barnet police twitter feeds is one of the more interesting to follow, Highly recommended. There are also a couple of interesting tweets regarding internet fraud.
New week on  & a new week people will pay thousands of pounds to internet scammers. A Transfer direct to a bank account is risky!
 financial unit holding thousands of pounds seized from internet fraudsters. But probably many more have been conned & lost money!

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