Saturday, 2 June 2012

Rog T is "no Simon Hoggart"

For those of you who wish to know what a complete w*nker I am, why not pop over to failed Lib Dem Matthew F Harris blog and see what he's written.

There is only one thing Matthew says which I think warrants a comment.
"It's sort of like Living Next Door To Alice - "Now Roger is gone, but I'm still here", etc, an analogy that ought to appeal to Roger, as he is something of a frustrated rocker. Indeed, I recall him telling a local newspaper that he would rather have a Number One record than be a Member of Parliament, at least one of those ambitions being one in which he is even further from achieving his goal than I am, which is saying something quite considerable."
I've played in a rock and roll band for thirty three years. I have stood as a candidate for a political party once, in 2010. I've never had any ambition to be an MP. I stood in Mill Hill, because the Lib Dems asked me to, not the other way around. At the interview, I suggested that I wouldn't be a very good councillor. Jack Cohen asked if I thought I'd do a worse job than some of the incumbents. That was the point at which I decided to go for it. There is nothing I'd like less than to be an MP.

As to having a number one. My preferred musical style is Punk Rock. My two favourite bands are The Vibrators and The Heartbreakers. Neither had a top ten hit, let alone a number one. Whilst a number one would be lovely, for me it was never a reason to play music. My proudest achievement is setting up my studios, which have launched a whole string of successful artists on their way, most notably Amy Winehouse and Kate Nash. Along the way my band has played hundreds of gigs over the years, many for charities, raising tens of thousands of pounds, primarily for MacMillan Cancer and the Teenage Cancer Trust. I hope we've also given people a good night out in the process. As far as I'm aware, Matthew Harris has never listened to my band, never attended a gig and is not even aware of the ethos behind our music. I am proud of my acheivements in music and if Matthew Harris had a clue he'd recognise these, rather than belittle them.

What infuriates me most about Matthew is the fact that all of his attacks, be it on myself or Mrs Angry are full of sly and bitchy innuendo's which when challenged, he claims "oh no, that's not what I meant". I expected an attack on my political views, but to use my love of music and my involvement in the industry to attack me was something I really didn't see coming. I wouldn't attack Matthew Harris for the success or otherwise in his day job and the fact he does that to me shows what sort of person he is.

As to the rest of his comments. I actually find it quite hilarious. Matthew clearly thinks I'm a complete idiot, know nothing about anything and am completely out of touch. I suppose in a funny sort of way he's completely correct, because if I only ever did anything because it was "the most sensible thing to do" I would have followed the advice of the careers teacher at Finchley Catholic High School and spent my life collecting dustbins for Barnet Council or whoever they sold  the contract to. Matthew states that my greatest strength is to "show enormous confidence in situations I know nothing about". I would suggest that Matthew reflect on this statement whilst checking out  as if you are going to attack someone on the basis of their job at least make sure you know what you are talking about.

Interestingly, Matthew Harris has attracted one admirer on Twitter. You can tell the quality of a man by the company they keep


Morris Hickey said...

Six of one and a half-dozen of the other.

Anonymous said...

It is unusual for Matthew to attack you to 'your face': usualy he waits until the person has left the room before he stabs them in the back.