Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Review : The Queens Diamond Jubilee Concert

So having braved the damp streets of London yesterday to see numerous shut roads and traffic diversions, but no actual boats, I thought we'd stay in and watch the Queens concert on the telly. Being a punk rock fan, there wasn't a lot to my musical tastes, although I will say that Grace Jones was excellent. Maybe I should try the hula hoop trick at my next gig. She is clearly in great shape. I once saw Ms Jones in the lobby of a hotel, clearly in a chemically assisted state of mind. I am a fan, but I can truly say she was the most intimidating person I've ever seen. Robbie Williams was Ok opening the show with "Let Me Entertain You". Another big highlight for me was Paul McCartney doing "Live and Let Die". I've always had a soft spot for the song, since I saw Wings in the Early 1970's. Live and Let Die was the  highlight of that show and it was the first time I'd seen a mirror ball in action. That blew my mind.  That was my first ever gig.  I must say that the lights and the pyrotechnics were the real stars of the show. If I was Macca I'd have ended the show on this note. Ob La De was a definate anti climax. I must say that the only good thing about it was that it wasn't the almost obligatory "Hey Jude". He should have finished with "Helter Skelter" which is his best tune (mind you I suppose that is one of many reasons why I'll never be asked to organise a gig for Her Maj).

And the highlight ! The Madness version of "Our House" was awesome, with Buckingham Palace being transformed into a row of terraced houses in Cricklewood. Lee Thompson of Madness is a mate and a regular user of the studio, so it was great to see him up there. The band are superb and did Norf Lundun proud !

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