Monday, 18 June 2012

APSE presentation on improving efficiency at Barnet Council

On Thursday, the Association of Public Service Excellence hosted a seminar on improving efficiency within Barnet Council. All of the Barnet Councillors were invited to attend. Two other sessions had previously been held. I emailed all of the Barnet Councillors to ask if they planned attending and said I'd post up their responses. I detailed the seminar in this blog -

19 out of 22 Labour councillors attended, 5 out of 39 Conservatives and no Liberal Democrats.

Of Labour:

Alex Brodkin; Claire Farrier; Charlie O’Macauley, Geoff Johnson; Gill Sergeant; Zakia Zubari,
Julie Johnson; Agnes Slocombe, Ansuya Sodha, Jim Tierney; Ross Houston, Geof Cooke; Anne Hutton; Alan Schneiderman, Arjun Mittra; Alison Moore, Pauline Coakley-Webb; Barry Rawlings,
Andreas Ioannidis

Of the Conservatives  – Mark Shooter, Brian and Kate Salinger, Sachin Rajput and Lisa Rutter.

I received a read receipt from 32 Barnet Councillors. The following Councillors had the courtesy to explain the genuine reasons why they could not attend. 

Lib Dems - Jack Cohen (planning Meeting), Lord Palmer & Suzette Palmer (other engagement) - Lord Palmer explained that he was not a One Barnet fan and would probably agree with all APSE's suggestions.

Conservative - Sury Khatri (other engagement), Reuben Thompstone (other Engagement), David Longstaffe (family engagement).

 Councillor Jack Cohen of the Lib Dems made the point that the presentation clashed with the planning committee, where there was important business being discussed. The members of the committee are:

I cannot see the minutes to see who attended. I will update accordingly when I have checked.

A special mention must be made for Councillor Maureen Braun, who I received this from. 

Your message

 Subject: APSE presentation on Council efficiency - Thursday 14th June 2012
 Sent:    Wed, 13 Jun 2012 11:22:37 +0100

was deleted without being read on Wed, 13 Jun 2012 12:46:44 +0100
It seems that Councillor Braun is not even interested enough in efficiency at Barnet Council to bother reading an eamil about it. I sincerely hope that the voters of her ward in Hendon are aware of this attitude. 

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