Saturday, 16 June 2012

The Saturday List #2 - 10 Things which are free that are also priceless

This morning at 5.15am I was molested by a slobbering bitch ! This happens most Saturday mornings at around this time. My wife gets up to take our daughter to swimming and if she leaves the door open, our beautiful Boxer Tilly, waits till she hears the car drive down the road. She then hurtles up the stairs and leaps on top of me, giving me a big slobbery lick. She then makes her way down to the other end of the bed and snuggles up for a kip. Although I love my sleep and a nice lie in, and hate being disturbed, this experience always fills me with great happiness. Inspired by this, I thought I'd make a list of ten things which are completely free yet are in some way priceless for me.

1. Watching the sun set over the Mill Field in Mill Hill on a Winters afternoon. There is no finer sight in the whole of London

2. Picking an apple off the tree I planted 40 years ago in my back garden and eating it

3.  Watching my son's team, Watling FC play football in the poring rain on a Sunday morning

4. Taking our mutt over Arrendene Fields for a walk on an Autumn Sunday Afternoon

5. Reading the Evening Standard over a pint of beer in the Founders Arms pub on the banks of the River Thames at Blackfriars (I know the pint costs money, but that is really incidental to the experience).

6. Playing my Fender Stratocaster guitar really loud when no one is at home

7. Picking Blackberrys on Arrendene fields in the Autumn

8. Watching the sticklebacks in the pond in my back garden

9. The smell of the Orange rose under the pear tree in my garden

10. When a complete stranger says thank you for my efforts writing this blog

Of course there are other things, but they are personal. Have a great Saturday night

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