Thursday, 14 June 2012

Ten reason why I love Councillor Robert Rams

Many people have the mistaken impression that I don't like Councillor Robert Rams. In actual fact, I'm rather fond of little squeaky ! Despite the fact that I think he's pretty useless in his job as library supremo, there are many things about him which set him apart from most of his colleagues and are actually quite loveable.  Here are a list of my ten favourite.
1. He's not afraid to post twitters that cause general mirth

2. Unlike all of his colleagues, he actually bothers to write a blog that at times is interesting and informative

3. He loves dressing up in fancy dress for charity, even when he looks a complete berk (I would post the picture, but promised Robert not to use it anymore as he did it in a good cause).

4. He likes football (From his twitter profile - East Barnet Cllr and Cabinet Member for Customer Access and Partnerships. Volunteer for Jewish Lads and Girls Brigade. Arsenal season ticket holder. )

5. He is not afraid to have a row with his mates in public

6.  With regards to football, he is fiercly partisan and never misses a chance to have a dig at Spurs fans

7. He is nostalgic for the technology of yesteryear

8. He is the only person who has ever described John Major as  amazing 

9. He can be very honest

10. And if you want him to give you a load of cash, you can tweet him today !!!!!

What is there not to love about Little Squeaky Bob?

As far as I'm concerned, he's very nearly Barnet's most lovable Tory Councillor.


button55 said...

He`s a Gooner !!!

Morris Hickey said...

I have my own reasons (not connected to Barnet) not to like Rams, but has he not now become something of an obsession with some peeople?

Rog T said...


The purpose of political blogs, dealing with local issues is to inform the general public about the policies of local politicians and the personalities of the people they vote for. Councillor Rams happens to be the cabinet member responsible for closing Friern Barnet library, a policy which I oppose. He also writes a blog and happens to be a keen twitster. It is not obsession, it is part of writing a blog.

I happen to believe that blogging the activities of local politicians helps people make an iformed choice when they vote, as they did in the GLA elections and I hope they do in East Barnet in 2014

Morris Hickey said...

I well understand that - but are there no loony Labour or barmy LibDem councillors, or well-known activists, in Barnet? I'd be mighty surprised if there are none at all.

Moreover Rams alone will not have the sole responsibility for the closure of your library. It will have been a collective decision made by all (or a majority) of the cabinet who decided to accept a proposal put forward by officers.

As to his alleged love of football I doubt that very much - he's an Arsenal supporter.

Rog T said...

Morris, if Lab or Lib councillors or candidates shut libraries, post stupid twitters, write inane blog posts or in any other way behave in a stupid fashion, this blog will take appropriate action (as a trawl through this blog wll show). The very first political blogI ever wrote was a criticism of the former Labour MP (now sadly deceased) for Finchley.

I criticised him for his support of the 42 days detention bill. The point is that you can't criticise people unless they do something worthy of criticism. Whilst the decision to close the libraries is a collective one, they behaviour of Rams towards the Save FBL group and the responsibility for his statements and tweets rests with him alone.

Within the Barnet Tory group, you have (as with all groups) the good, the bad and the ugly. A blog will tend to focus on the bad and the ugly by it's nature. I suspect that if Barnet was a Labour council, the likes of Tory blogger Dan Hope at the Barnet Bugle would choose to be far more vociferous. The nature of the beast.