Saturday, 30 June 2012

The Saturday Listr #4 - 30/6/2012 - The things which make me mad

The things which make me mad. Yes, really mad. This morning I had the pleasure of experiencing No1 on the list. All of my staff who were present said they'd never seen that side of me before.  They all thought I was a lovely mellow chap.

1. Builders who do the must idiotic things imaginable, in defiance of common sense and reason.

2. People who drive into their neighbours cars and drive off in the belief that nobody saw them do it.

3. Barnet Council Dustcarts who show no consideration to traffic behind them and block the road when they could quite easily pull over slightly to allow cars to pass.

4. People who visit the beautiful green spaces and fantastic parks in Barnet and don't clear up theior mess.

5. Dog owners who are too lazy to clean up the shit their dogs leave on the pavements and in our parks.

6. People who sit in the outside lane of  dual carriageway with a 50mph speed limit doing 30mph for no good reason.

7. Bullies who abuse their position to victimise people who cannot fight back.

8. People who never lift a finger to help at events but criticise because things aren't to their liking.

9. People who park inconsiderately at events, blocking roads and causing traffic jams.

10. People who are quite happy to take your money to provide services and are not prepared to correct problems caused by their own shoddy workmanship.

It may (or may not surprise you to know that I'm a very calm and even tempered person normally. I rarely lose it or shout at people. Sadly (for me), I've experienced every single one of these ten in the last three days and am now in a foul mood. It will pass, but if you bump into me tonight please be well disposed because I am cruisin' for a bruisin'. After shouting at builders, I went tro my childrens old Primary school to DJ for their open day. I sat for four hours in the sun on what should have been a fantastic day. Sadly a few idiots made the lives of dozens of people miserable by their selfishness and lazyness parking. As for the lack of consideration shown by some dog owners and other park users, some people really do deserve a slap (and I'm not a believer in corporal punishment). And as for Barnet Council dustcarts, I had to pick up my neice who was unwell and waiting at the school gates in the rain. I was stuck for ten minutes and late due to these selfish bastards.  And as for builders...................

Enjoy your weekend. I may if I can find enough alcohol to calm me down

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Morris Hickey said...

Item #3 is not confined to Barnet. In my own experience it happens in Barking & Dagenham, Havering, Newham, Readbridge and Waltham Forest. it also happens just outside London in Epping Forest.

Guess they're all pre-war tram drivers!