Monday, 30 June 2014

A new park for North Finchley

I saw this on the Council website and thought you may find it interesting. Shame the Council doesn't take the same attitude to the Pavillion Way open space.

The North Finchley Town Team is celebrating securing £18,000 from the Mayor of London’s Pocket Park fund to transform Percy Road Park into an exciting new green space.
This is on top of the £65,000 Barnet Council awarded the project which was announced in May 2014.
It is expected that the makeover will be completed in March 2015. The new park will feature a new multi-functional play-area, new seating areas and more greenery.
The project will be run by communities from all across North Finchley and Barnet Council will support the delivery of the project.
Councillor Dean Cohen, Chair of the Environment Committee, said: “I am delighted that this project now has the financial means for the team to create a more open and multifunctional space for the whole community to enjoy.
“The council’s Greenspaces team will work closely with The North Finchley Town team to make sure this project goes as smoothly as possible.”

Darren Shea, North Finchley Town Team Chair, said: “We wanted to create a green space for the town that everybody can enjoy. From children playing after school, to local workers eating their lunch and elderly people having a place to relax, we wanted to produce a community space that everyone can have a part to play in.”

The North Finchley Town Team will be launching the project with a publicity event at the Ten Grand Arcade, N12 on Saturday 28th June between 10.00am – 4.00pm. Members of the public will get a chance to share their ideas for the park, for more information on the event please visit


Anonymous said...

Very Nice , The View Across the Car Park will Be Breath Taking in the Literal sense , A Narrow strip Running Alone the Back of a 500 place Car park !! Is that Really the Best that can Be Done !! Is it Really the Healthy option !! & people do Drive Really Fast Around the Car Park ! Open Space yes yes yes ! Waste of money No No No !

John S said...

As you say it is a crying shame Pavillion Way fields and the people of Burnt Oak are not being afforded similar treatment. Perhaps the councillors and Boris feel the people of North Finchley are more deserving than those of Burnt Oak a staunch Labour ward.
Perhaps our local Tory councillors think the people of Burnt Oak are more likely to be in the words of councillor Davey, bienefit scrounging scum and lazy bastards. I wonder if the Davey branding of folk has impacted on this unjust theft of Pavillion Way fields from the people of Burnt Oak.

Anonymous said...

John I'm all for the creation of public space ! What I do find Galling is the Loss of park & open spaces to Developers ! & there is a clear imbalance in we're this is Happening !! It is in All working class Areas !! Would they even think About Doing this in Hampstead , Totteridge , Hadley !!! I Don't Think So !!!!