Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Barnet Council Propoganda Video - What they spend your tax on

Barnet Council have produced this (mis)information video to soften us all up for another round of budget cuts. I am rather disappointed that so much conjecture is presented as hard facts. Savings from One Barnet which only exist on pieces of paper in council projections are presented as cash in the piggybank. There is a huge misrepresentation, which pretends that because there is a huge influx of people to Barnet, the cashflow will automatically improve for the council. This ignores the fact that these new residents require schools, refuse collection, social care etc.They conveniently didn't mention the huge expenditure on extra school places, or the stress on the council infrastructure.

Anyway, I'm sure you'll be fascinated to see what Baaaarnet Council are spending your cash on. Maybe I'll FOI this video to see how many taxpayers pennies it cost to make.


Anonymous said...

Just wrong on so Many Levels ! There Explanation of more People Equate to More Money is Rubbish !! It's the same Amount of Money split more Ways !!! Can anyone claim that we Are Better Off than we were 10yrs Ago !! & then they are speaking openly of a Futher Massive increase in population in the next few years ! We're will we Be in ten years ? No N H S !!! No Local services to speak of !!! If working people Equate to Good Economy Wy Sack So Many !!!

Anonymous said...

A load of Hot Air . Ask your councillor How Much would it Cost to Bring Back the Services in House in Ten years Time !!!! This Has All Been Done in the USA & was a Disaster out there as it will be Here !!! Accept for the Very Few who walked of with shed loads of Money !!!

Anonymous said...

If money is that tight why the 1% cut in Council Tax just prior to the local elections?

If Capita can bring efficiency for less money in, for example, IT functions why haven't the computers in the libraries not worked since Saturday?

Anonymous said...

Other Anon , How Right you are ! To My Knowledge Nick Walkley , Before he Took the post of chief Exec , Was in charge of IT . That's why it was & is Such a Disaster !!! You Don't Get Much For £250. 000 pa these Days !!!