Saturday, 21 June 2014

The tweets of the week in Barnet - 21/06/2014

Without further ado, here's our fave regular feature, it's our tour of the world of Barnet tweets

1. David Constable is none too impressed with our new council

Election was just 4 weeks ago and Conservative controlled Barnet Council is already getting headlines like this: 

2. Editor of the local rag shares the insight of our council leader with us
Cllr Cornelius on Mayor Hugh Rayner: "If it's illegal - it shouldn't be done."

 3. Mr Angry is getting excited at the thought of an audience with her number 1 admirer, Cllr John Hart.

Question time at Friern Barnet Lib tonight, with Tory 'leader' Cornelius, & 'where's my biro' Cllr John Hart. What could possibly go wrong?

4. Councillor Danny 'Imber' Seal shows off his shining intellect on the subject of management techniques. Could this be the secret of his success. Maybe if the council got him one for the Council chamber, he'd turn up for a few meetings, arf arf!!! To quote a certain US former Presidential candidate "Sir, you are no John F. Kennedy"

Very cool to have a rocking chair in your office. Like had in the Oval Office  

5. It does however seem that Danny has a fan oin Julia Hines

Tory councillors and dancing beautifully to tune - apparently.

Image preview  
6. Michael Lassman is getting excited about LEGO becoming a sexism free zone
Is 's small step in the right direction to enough? Should we expect more?   

7. Our local Rugby outfit, the Saracens are hosting a Rugby Sevens tournament. In the words of Leslie Crowther "Come on Down!"

. will be hosting an international 7s festival on Sat, July 12th. Will you be attending ?

8. Mr Reasonable has come to the same conclusion the rest of us have. Barnet Labour Leader Alison Moore is not up to the job

Alison Moore talking about YCB & why it would be very difficult to bring back in house. Shocked & disappointed at such a weak response.

9. Seems that new Labour Councillor Devra Kay is none to impressed with her leader
Question Time Friern Barnet Library: why have neither Richard Cornelius or Alison Moore mentioned that Barnet Council has ceased to function

10. And finally, my parting thought on the world cup

England campaigns are like illicit love affairs, they start with excitement, but in the end you know they'll end in tears

That's all folks..... Have a great weekend

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