Thursday, 12 June 2014

The Bohemia reborn

Many people in and around North Finchley will be delighted with the news that the Bohemia pub has reopened. This much loved landmark was closed by the Antic brewery chain last year, reopened as a community centre by the Occupy movement, closed by police in a dramatic rasid, taken over by another bunch of squatters who trashed the place and then left to rot. The good news is that new owners have taken over.

Here are a few snaps. We hope the community supports the new owners. We believe that the pub can become a centre of the community and help regenerate the area, which can only be good. It must be said that the occupation of the pub raised its profile and ensured it was retained as a community asset. We know that not everyone in Barnet agrees with the aims of Occupy or its methods, but it must be observed that both Friern Barnet and North Finchley have benefitted from them. It seems odd that such a group has done far more for the area than Mike Freer, the local MP, who's sole interest seems to be defending the rights of mega rich residents, including relatives of dictators such as the Gaddafi's, who's property rights he vocally stood up for. When community assets have been threatened, local small businesses attacked, etc, he's been completely invisible. All rather shameful really. Lets hope he mends his ways and nips down to the Bohemia for a pint. Maybe he should nip down and buy his old mate Brian Coleman, the man who launched his career, lunch at the pub. We hear Brian is at a bit of a loose end. At times like this he needs his friends. Come on Mike, dust the cobwebs off your wallet !

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