Thursday, 26 June 2014

Capita in Barnet - A quick question

Just a quickie (we all all like a quickie don't we?)

If Barnet Council have got such a great deal, why are we seeing stories like this?

2 councils cut costs of Capita deals, bringing hundreds of staff in-house

Swindon brings back services in house from Capita

Just asking


Anonymous said...

Very interesting , I Don't understand why such a Hostile stance was taken up Buy the council when they choose to Exclude us the public from Any kind of meaningful consultation !! It is in simple terms in all of our interests to have a Good & well Run Council !! However the process was Highly politicised by the Torys to the Exclusion of all Else !!! We could have Had , Local partnerships with some of our wonderful charity's Like Barnet mencap , Barnet Careers , Barnet Age concern Etc , yet War was Declared on anyone who Dared oppose one Barnet !! A thing that all sides will Live to Regret !! Lost opportunitys !

Anonymous said...

and this one... NHS trust exir 27M capita deal.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Apologys for Last posting !!!