Sunday, 29 June 2014

The Tweets of the week in Barnet - 28/6/2014

Without further ado, here's our selection.

1. As recommended by Julia Hines,a tweet of the week from local paper reporter Dan O'Brien
    1. The way this council manages to stick up for decisions even as it steadily backs away from them is something to behold

2.Brent Cross Coalition seem to think that Mrs Angry need some help writing her esteemed blog

. This may be useful for your blog's policy of continuous improvement.

3. A novel analysis of the Barnet Council results by Deputy Leader of the Council, John Thbomas

Barnet bucks the trend

4. Revel captures the big "Richard Cornelius Indecent Proposal apology" moment

5. Some good news from the newly reopened Bohemia

Sunday newbies mixing it up

6. Buszzing Helen has a new admirer !

If you're out in N22 or just passing by, pop into Cafe Buzz. Best poached eggs I've had in a long long time. Thanks

 7 .  Buzzing Helen is none too impressed with her new admirers geography though

your geography finish is N12. Thanks. Pleasure to meet you too

 8. New Labour Councillor Adam Langleben sends the wrong post election message out. Now you are elected the work should start, not end !

Colindale over. First weekend completely off in over three months. Time to rest and let my feet and sun burn heal and begin warm up to 2015.

9. This really should be the tweet of the week! Many thanks to the Burnt Oak Christian Fellowship for saving my week !

only in oak yes that is a dog!!!

 10. And finally from our fave studio !  A classic has been born in Mill Hill
 ·  Jun 23
Recognise this? Africa by Mose Fanfan recorded at Mill Hill Music Complex

Enjoy !

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Anonymous said...

I Hope we Can Look forward to many more Bucking the trend tweets from Dan Thomas !! Over & Out from the Blue Planet !