Thursday, 19 June 2014

Iraq - It's all our fault

Iraq is currently going through one of the most horrible civil wars in recent years. ISIS have been carrying out mass executions of government troops, purely for reasons of religious spite. We face the terrible choice of jumping into bed with Iran, a country which sponsors terrorism, or allowing Iraq to be taken over by a group to extreme even for Al Quaida.

The sad truth is it is all the fault of the US and the UK who invaded without a plan to rebuild the country or even an understanding of the tensions on the ground. Iraq is a very rich country. It has oil and even though Saddam Hussain was a horrible dictator, it was a place where religious communities co-existed. Now look at it. If we learn anything from this horrible situation, surely it should be that the role of the army is to defend the UK, not to go around the world on adventures. When your petrol suddenly starts costing a fortune, thank Tony Blair for the adventure.

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Mr tor said...

Our fault? I didn't vote for Tony Blair: its not my fault. I didn't select that Liar with his tendency to cook up fraudulent documents.