Sunday, 8 June 2014

Myths about pay

The global financial crash means that there’s no
money for pay rises. Everyone has to tighten their
The facts:
The UK is the 7th richest nation on earth and
the 4th richest when it comes to wealth per
This government has reduced taxes for high
earners – dropping the 50 pence tax rate to 45
pence. That handed a £677.5million windfall
over to some of highest earners.
Every year since it came into power, the
government has cut corporation tax for big
business. They now pay £5 billion a year less
than they did in 2010.
 The cost of renewing the Trident nuclear
weapons systems would be £100 billion.
Each day £6.6 million is spent on its upkeep.
Tax evaders cost this country £8.8billion in
unpaid tax in 2011/12 alone.
There’s money to pay for tax breaks, nuclear
weapons and tax evasion, so there could be
money to pay a decent wage to local government
Myth 2
Public service workers have been cushioned from
the recession
The facts:

The real value of local government workers’
wages has fallen by 18% since 2010.
Pay rises have been below inflation in eight of
the last 17 years.
Many have seen terms and conditions cut at
local level.
Frozen pay doesn’t just affect you today –
it will cut the value of your pension too.
Myth 3
It’s a choice between a pay rise and saving jobs,
isn’t it?
The facts:

Over 450,000 jobs have been axed in local
government since 2010. Councils may say
they only cut pay to save jobs, but years of pay
restraint have not saved nearly half a million


Mr Tor said...

Oh Roger, So you don't think the top rate of tax is high enough: how much claim do you have to another's wealth and labor?; And what was the top rate of tax for 12.5 years under the recent Labour government?

Rog T said...

Dear Mr Tor,

I personally have no claim on anyones assets. I do however believe those doing best out of the system have a degree of social responsibility to the people who are less well off. As to your point regarding Labour, this shows your economic illiteracy. You do realise that for the majority of the Labour years there wasn't a GLOBAL recession (you understand the term GLOBAL, I assume)> You do understand the requirement to adjust TAX rates to circumstances, I take it.

I do love anonymous posters who lack the cojones to put a name to their blatherings.