Saturday, 14 June 2014

The Tweets of the week in Barnet -14/6/2014

Without further ado, here it is, the Tweets of the week in Barnet

1. Mrs Angry reveals that the World Cup is not to her taste !

twitter wants me to unlock world cup features: no - I want to be able to block all references to the horrible business, thank you

2. The Editor of the Barnet Times has upset the former Mayor of Barnet with his revealations etc about the new "NightMayor" of Barnet.

Brian Coleman has contacted us about our poll. I don't think he likes it... He can always vote no. This is democracy Brian...

(Ed Note - Here's the tweet that upset poor old bwian

3.  Mr Hopscotch Sweets in Barnet reveals that the CPZ parking permit system is broken. That must be why I'm having to park half a mile away from our house

Parking permit system still down after many weeks - Capita are incapable of fixing it!

4. The Day of the Raj restaurant tells it like it is about unfair rates and parking charges

We feel your pain rates and parking fines = business killer

5.  Hee Hee, seems like someone has a girlie crush !!!!!

Many thanks for the drink - looks lovely < perks of being with

 6. Tory Councillor Danny Seal has found out how to pacify Mrs Angry, it's simple just agree with her!

don't always be suspicious if Cllrs agree with your questions about capita!!

7. Tory apparatchik Ray Sadri reveals the hidden talents of former Barnet Councillor Robert Rams

  1. Quote of the week from my boss. "Can I show you how to scan a whole document?! It’s very easy!!"
 8. And on the subject of the esteemed Ex Councillor, seems he doesn't approve of his former boss Richard Cornelius scrapping the cabinet system in Barnet. Funny he never said a dickiebird before the election though

Sad to see today is the first day for committees system - for a forward thinking council this is such a backwards step

9. Barnet Council are now advocating the benefits of catching cancer!

“Catching cancer early can save your life” Jas cancer survivor

10. The Mill Hill Residents association are less than impressed with First Capital Connect

First Capital Connect have never had a Meet the Manager meeting at Mill Hill we do have a regular meet the ticket inspector night tonight


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