Monday, 23 June 2014

The Barnet Council Website - The font of no knowledge

Yesterday the Barnet Eye stumbled upon the appalling way that the Barnet Council website has had completely incorrect details for the residents surgery for the High Barnet Conservative Councillors. Apparently, over a year ago they moved the location of their surgeries from the library to the Tory Party offices. Sadly they never bothered to make sure that the website was updated. We found out when a local resident turned up at the library and found that no one knew anything about it.

We put it to one of the High Barnet Tories that it was a poor show that they hadn't bothered to get the details updated, but have thus far had no response. Sadly this is not the only problem with the Barnet Council website. There is this announcement on their website - -  and it says

"Published Tuesday 17 June 2014
Due to a software glitch, our normal election results page is not displaying. Jadu our software provider, are looking into the fault as a matter of urgency."
Not quite what the Jadu website promises its customers, is it (

The Way of Jadu - our culture

We believe in making beautiful, high quality software that people will use and love. Our commitment to that quality extends to our people, our culture and is reflected in everything we do.

We make software that helps businesses transform. We build web experiences that not only engage and delight customers, but are inclusive and accessible - with web standards in mind, delivering web experiences that provide rich and engaging journeys for users and customers.

"Conduct honest business" is our first directive. It's policy at Jadu to be honest about our business relationships - to be genuine and offer anything we can in solving problems and dealing with everyday business issues.

So is the Barnet Council Website a "Beautiful, High Quality" piece of software? Well oddly enough it seems that they've lost interest in keeping it up to date. We don't even have a picture of the new mayor on the Mayor page   and they haven't set up a page for the new Mayors charity.

I am starting to worry whether the Council have given up on engagement with local people. All  websites for organisations that care are regularly kept up to date.


Anonymous said...

Get used to it . This is our new DIY council ! It's only real function is as a Tax raising Organisation ! We're it is our function to serve & not Question Our Masters !!!

Anonymous said...

Can anyone please Help to Explain This !!! I dropped Mrs Angry a Line , But still Unclear !! YCB ( your choice Barnet ) Has Been Set up as a private company !! With our money !! It has its own Executive Board & Directors ETC !! So Are The Customers , the old & Disabled , Required to Use the Service !! Because that would mean that a monopoly has Been Set Up !! & if Like Any Business the Customers are not satisfied !!! They can Go Elsewhere !!

John Sullivan said...

The reality is anonymous they claimed there would be choice but refused to allow literature for alternative providers such as Bushey Mill Resourse Centre run by ex The Space employees. So whilst they claim they allowed competition it was in effect a monopoly that was set up and directly run by local councillors, the board of YCB are instructed in all decisions by councillors..

In fact one long serving care worker attended an open day at BMRC and was subsequently banned from attending ant future activities at YCB run The Space. So determined were they to create a monopoly.

Anonymous said...

John thank you v much for the Responce , perhaps if all those Who are Forced to use YCB , Make a written Formal Request to Not use YCB !!! Then they will Have to Explain Why Not !!!!! After All as The Torys are so Quick to Tell us !!!! The Market will find its Level !!!! & is it Lawfull . Once Again I state a Non consultation Monopoly !!! Is at Best Shady !!!

Susan Gaszczak said...

I threatened to press release my experience today... Strangely I got what I needed with in hours... I have to say it is one of the worst websites I have come across

Anonymous said...

Well Done on you Susan , to think that one person cannot change things is wrong !! You are proof that change can Be Achieved ! if all of us were to stand up then things would change ! To just Ask the Questions that they Don't want to Hear or Answer in itself will Bring About change !