Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Barnet Homes Performance - Spin and deception

Barnet Council have released a report detailing how well Barnet Homes are doing. 

2.16 The average length of time spent by households in short-term accommodation continued to increase. This indicator has been dropped for 2014/15 because
a) all ETA used is self-contained and provides appropriate accommodation suitable for the needs of those placed there;
b) the more recent placements are at a higher cost to the Council reflecting the current London housing market; and,
c) efforts are focused on preventing people going into high cost ETA as a priority and on securing additional suitable private sector longer-term lettings which are more affordable for the Council. This indicator has therefore been replaced in 2014/15 by the total number of Private Rented Sector lettings achieved which better measures the performance of Barnet Homes in addressing the pressures of rising demand for homeless accommodation. In the first two months of 14/15 Barnet Homes achieved 66 private lets, which is above target. 

Says it all really, doesn't it. If the numbers look bad, invent a new set of numbers


Anonymous said...

If you don't like the free accomodation provided for you by the taxpayer then:
a. move into one of the thousands of empty properties in the north of England, or
b. get a education and get a job and pay your own way.

Simple really.

John Sulivan said...

It sounds so easy when you read the comments of low life's like anonymous here, who have no idea of this complicated and human issue. At least our local councillor Davey who looks after housing put his name to his abuse of those in need, when he called them benefit scrounging scum and lazy bastards. Unlike you anonymous who makes sick snide unwarranted and unjustified comments, from a position of anonymity.