Sunday, 27 July 2014

The Tweets of the Week in Barnet 26/7/2014

Without further ado

1. A blog you MUST read. Mr Reasonable exposes the lie that is One Barnet and how the taxpayer is being taken to the cleaners

So how much is the Capita contract costing us in Barnet & are they in for a windfall "gainshare" payment?

2. Got kids? This tweet may be of some help to you

Stuck for something to do this Summer holiday? Find exciting activities for children and young people in Barnet at:

3. Another sad sign of the times

Oh dear. Barnet Law Centre has closed. And that is a borough one might think to be in need of legal advice.

4. Something big is happening in Hendon

Looks like a massive setup at Hendon Police Training Centre for Avengers 2:

5. Luke Robinson admiring a Finchley Landmark

East Finchley's 'The Archer' looking awesome in the morning sun. It points towards the tube tunnel!

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 6. Joey Flores wonders what will be done to mark 90 years of Burnt Oak tube station. Quite a lot I hope!

- my local Station will celebrate 90 years this 27th October 2014, any planned events to commemorate this milestone?

7. Andrew Dismore reports that major Tory donor Lord Ashcroft syas Tories will lose Hendon

Major Tory Donor says Labour will win Hendon at next year’s election

8. A racing tip from Leader of Barnet Lib Dems Jack Cohen. 

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