Tuesday, 15 July 2014

What is the point of Your Choice Barnet?

Your Choice Barnet was the private company set up by Barnet Council to provide adult social care. The company was set up because Barnet Cocuncil have a right wing ideological aversion to council services being provided by the council. Although the company is a private company officially, Barnet Council are the sole shareholders.

The company declare they are nt for profit, which is technically true as they make a loss and need a taxpayer funded baleout. They claim that they are responsive to user needs, but users have no say in the running of the company. There is meant to be user representation on the board, but the election of a representative caused much suspicion amongst users and carers, amid tales of non delivery of ballot papers etc.

Services have been cut, salariesof staff have been cut and the people at the top have rather hefty salaries. The company gives the impression of being rather management heavy.

My question is - What is the point of Your Choice Barnet? Answers please?


John S said...

The original point of YCB was to make massive profits from disabled people to subsidise Barnet Homes, profits that could only be generated by the destruction of the quality of life of YCB clients. Therefore in a so called civilised society the Tory council failed to see that this plan was basically immoral.

However the reverse has occurred and it is Barnet Homes that has had to bail out YCB with £1 million of Barnet taxpayers money. The reality is YCB is not fit for purpose except to afford our local Tory councillors something else to mislead Barnet residents about, rather than admit YCB is a disaster waiting to happen. Cllr Rajput for example insists the original business model planned for YCB to lose £1 million in its first year of trading, and expects us to believe him, when is is so obvious he is speaking with a forked tongue.

Anonymous said...

It's just pure dribble !! First Off ! Would a High street Bank , Have Loaned the money on the Buisness plan used !! ? Second ! With the Buisness plan Becoming the Disaster it Has would they have carried on supporting that Buisness ? & Third you Really Have to Question the competence of all thoughts involved to Let it through in the first place & then to Let it Carry On !! Hey that's a good description of this council Carry ON Council !!!

John S said...

Your right anonymous this is the Carry On council. But tragically what they are doing to destroy the quality of life unlike the Carry On films,is far from funny.


Anonymous said...

Hey it's one Rule for us & one for them !! I read with interest & not a Little irony in the Daily Mail !! That David Cameron is pushing New Tuff Laws in !! To Deal with what He Calls Minority Decision Making ! That Being the unions that successfully Balloted there members for strike Action in the Public Sector !! Aren't this Government a minority Government !! Don't we Have a Minority Council !! As I said The Rules Don't Apply to Them !! Big Buisness is All they are interested in ! With the only Votes that Matter Are those taken in the Board Room !! Welcome to the Fascist state of YK F U .