Saturday, 5 July 2014

The Tweets of the Week in Barnet - 5/7/2014

Without further ado, the thing you've been waiting all week for. The Tweets of the Week from the London Borough of Barnet and it's wonderful citizens.

1. This must be the tweet of the week from Natasha Matthews

I just can't complain about my life when there's a charity worker dressed as the Cookie Monster outside Iceland in Burnt Oak in this heat

2. Suzy Pannus shows us how every cloud has a silver lining, someone at least is enjoying a burst water main
substantial water leak in Victoria Park Finchley N3 today. Corner of park next to Long Lane entrance.

3. Daniel D. Moses has a rather amusing view of life at Edgware Station

Announcer at station has had elocution lessons, and is also unfeasible upbeat at this time in the morning

3. Bob Disley has a bad experience trying to find Barnet FC. No one told his cabbie that they moved to Harrow

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  1. Asked taxi driver take me to Barnet FC so he did they bloody moved from here years ago another cab now £15 plus the £12 we paid 1st cab

4. Ex Local Politco Brian Coleman discovers that there is life after politics

  1. wonderful evening at Watford Col with RAF Cen Band and Mill Hill County School ,magnificent music

5. Blaynos makes an interesting observation on the madness of the Barnet Football scene

So Barnet will play in Edgware, and Edgware will play in Barnet. Makes sense.

6. Local Councillor Danny 'Imber' Seal is clearly working to hard.

Loving having a meeting on the roof!! @ The Club at Marina Bay Sands

7. Sadly a man was murdered in Hendon. Tweet from the Hendon Times Ed

Two teenage girls among four arrested after a man murdered during suspected robbery in Hendon.
8. Some happier news, local band Vanqusih are playing at the British Grand Prix at Silverstone

are performing today at the British Grand Prix at Silverstone xxx

9. Our local Premiership Rugby club Saracen announce the start of the Rugby season fixture

Saracens to being 2014/15 season against Wasps at Twickenham for the London Double Header on Sep 6.

10. Andrew Dismore skillfully inserts another blade between the shoulders of the political career of Mayor of Barnet Hugh Rayner

Dismore presents additional evidence and further supplementary complaint to Barnet Council Monitoring Officer

Thats All folks, have a lovely weekend !

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