Monday, 21 July 2014

Some great arial shots of Mill Hill Music Complex

A friend of mine has just bought a drone and used it to take a few pictures of Mill Hill Music Complex for me. I find such pictures fascinating. As you can see, we are based in the most glamourous part of Mill Hill. The picture was taken shortly before the World Cup final kicked off. You may notice the M1 is quieter than usual ! Our reception is the nice blue building. Boys and their toys !!! In my day you'd fly a kite with your kids.


baarnett said...

There's some aerial photos of Mill Hill in the 1920s at

Anonymous said...

Yes Roger the correct term for the Drone is The predator . Or Global Hawk , Good job you Didn't step out the Door . You know what the Americans Are Like ! You would be the Victim of what the Yanks call friendly Fire !! That's Nice !! Ahh

Rog T said...

Actually I have it on good authority that it was a Russian drone !