Saturday, 19 July 2014

Tweets of the week in Barnet - 19/7/2014

Without further ado !!!!

1. Security City - You need a press pass to get into the Town Hall for a meeting these days !

  1. Security at Hendon Town Hall clearly worried. One demanded I show press card in order to enter the building.

2. No cheese shop as promised for Mill Hill but our MP has single handedly cured local unemployment

Unemployment still falling in Hendon. The number of claimants is 542 lower than June 2013 and 98 lower than May 2014

3. Where Burnt Oak Leads, the country follows !!!!

  1. The Tesco in Burnt Oak was the first ever Tesco In England.

4. Well not strictly a Barnet tweet, but made me chuckle

Mar 30,1943: Aircraftman Shepherd in Morris Light Reconnaissance Car, No. 2788 Squadron at Tally Ho Corner, Tunisia.
5. Someone has big plans for Mill Hill

Following that last retweet why shouldn't we think seriously about having a cinema back in Mill Hill?

6. Erm, seems like the environment agency are illiterate !

hi, your sign is faulty and needs fixing - 'deansbrook' and 'edgware' - it's pretty easy to change, right?

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Mrs Angry said...

Ahem: proud mum Mrs Angry must point out artist Joseph Killick is her (very talented, of course) son. Just saying.