Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Disgraced Barnet Mayor Hugh Rayner explains how he uses the small print on contracts to make extra profits

Many thanks to Barnet Bugle for this clip of Hugh Rayner, explaining to the council how he uses the small print to make "extra profits" on his contracts. You couldn't make this up, could you?

This story on the Hendon Times explains how Mr Rayner has made £28,000 from Barnet Council, whilst failing to declare a financial interest when attending meetings and casting votes


The question is. Do you think that Mr Rayner is a suitable candidate to be first citizen of Barnet.


Pad6 said...

quite simply, NO, he should resign as Mayor and member of the council....

John S said...

Roger as you rightly say, you couldn't make it up. It beggars belief Mr Rayner has not been asked to resign from the position of Mayor, even if temporarily whilst his innocence or guilt is established.

Sadly I feel the office of Maor first Citizen of Barnet is now discredited for the future,.

Anonymous said...

I must Say that all the Rotten Apples Are just Bobbing up All Over the place !! It's just Amazing How Obnoxious some of our politicians Are !! I Read with interest How mike Freer can't Even Bring himself to Respond to a Fellow Blogger , Regarding the Child Sex Abuse claims concerning a Number of High profile politicians !!! Well it Makes You think Doesn't IT !!'