Sunday, 15 May 2016

The Tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet

It's Sunday. It's time for the tweets of the week from your fave twits!

1. One of the finest gardens in our nation is on our doorstep!

3 and a half acres to enjoy this Sunday (15th May) in Mill Hill. NW7

2.Sadly the reality of living and working in Mill Hill is often more like this

3. A nice tweet from one of our favourite tweeters

4. Great tweet from Long Lane Pastures

 7. Do you know the answer to this lovely Barnet puzzler?

May 13
Why are the remains of a blue whale standing beside the 107 bus route in Barnet?
8. This is the type of tweet we like. Alan Shelton is highly impressed with the beer rack at his local Coop. Looks like a good selection to us!

Great Beer displays Whetstone today

9. Looking for a great birthday idea?

Fantastic birthday lunch with pancake decorating. Thanks
10. It seems that everyone is out enjoying the sun!

  1. Why not have a stroll around Mill Hill b4 your next rehearsal

That's all folks!

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