Monday, 23 May 2016

Five years on - Church Farmhouse museum remembered

One of the most shameful acts in the history of Barnet politics was the act of sheer vandalism perpetrated by the Barnet Conservatives on Church Farmhouse Museum. The museum was closed five years ago. We went along for the last day. We interviewed the curator, Gerard Rootes. We made a video. Now the building is rotting. The oldest house in the Parish of Hendon, used to be one of the gems of the Borough. This is how we treat our history. I'd been reviewing some old footage and I watched this film tonight. It becomes a little sadder every time I watch it. On Tuesday evening there is a protest at Hendon Town Hall, giving the people of Barnet the opportunity to let our council know just what we think of them. If you are thinking you can't be bothered attending,  please watch this film. How on earth can anyone not want to see an administration so callous as to close this fantastic museum for future generations get slung out on their ear.

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