Friday 20 May 2016

Freedom Passes - The sad reality

Last night I was having a business meeting in my studio reception area with a client, to discuss a very important project we are working on. As we were discussing it, a young man with learning difficulties entered. He stood and stared at me. He clearly wanted to see me, but was embarrassed as he realised I was doing something important. 

As he suffers from autism, situations where he encounters an unexpected scenario can worry and upset him. I know this young man well. He did work experience at our studios. He is also the person who emailed me of his tale of woe, which broke the Freedom Pass story. He contacted me about it in despair.

Although my business is very important, I have learned that some things are more important. So I asked my client if we could break for five minutes. He was more than happy. 

I then went over to see the young man. He had simply come down to show me his new freedom pass 'I came down on the bus Roger'. He then excitedly told me he'd been to the council meeting and met Mrs Angry.

He laughed and said 'I thought she would be angry but she was nice'. He then said 'The Tory councillors were very rude to her. All she wanted was to help disabled people. Why did they do that?'

This young man summed up with this question a conundrum Which has been bothering me. Why do the Tory Councillors not simply accept there has been a monumental cock up, apologise and get Capita to sort it out. I am sure they are not spiteful, evil people who take delight in humiliating young autistic disabled people. 

The young man then thanked me again for helping him and bade us fair well. 

The gentleman I'd been having the meeting with had been listening intently. As we resumed the meeting, he asked me to explain what had happened. He was completely gobsmacked. He simply asked 'How could they do that to a person in that position?'.

All I could do is shake my head and say 'I haven't got a clue'. Sadly in this respect, I am not the only one.

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