Tuesday 3 May 2016

Hillsborough Remembered - A poem by Rog T

On Friday at The Midland Arms, I gave a world premier to my poem "Hillsborough Remembered", prior to my Band, The False Dots, Football song Saturday. 

The band have a strong love of football. We believe that the beautiful game is a force for good and should always be something that brings people together. Think of the football truces in the first world war. Hillsborough was a tradedy for everyone. The way the authorities covered up the truth was a disgrace. The reaction of the Sun was disgusting. In light of former mayor of Barnet Brian Colemans comments after the enquiry, we felt it was important to send a message of solidarity to the people of Liverpool from the sane, rational caring people in Barnet. We did this on Friday.   This was recorded for posterity. Hope you enjoy it. (We've got some really exciting news about this song. Keep watching this space.)

Apologies for the sound quality, Clare recorded it on her mobile phone.

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