Tuesday 31 May 2016

We shoot gorillas, don't we?

I was appalled at the shooting of a gorilla in a zoo in the US at the weekend. The real issue is that gorillas are close relatives of us. They can be taught to communicate in sign language and in natural habitats live in well ordered social groupings. They simply should not be locked up in Zoo. We do not lock people up and charge people to gawp at them. The UN should ban this and allocate resources to protect their natural habitats. Then this crap wouldn't happen.

If you want to admire animals buy a David Attenborough video. In Victorian times, we paid to visit asylums to laugh at the lunatics. It was claimed that the cash raised helped pay for the care of the poor unfortunates. The truth is that this needs global action by the UN to protect endangered species and habitats. Those causing damage should face the same sanctions as terrorists, with jail, property seizure and blacklisting. I consider destruction of our environment as dangerous, if not more so than terrorist activities. Zoos are a symptom of our lack of respect for our planet.

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