Friday, 14 December 2012

Councillor Robert Rams inspires a protest at Starbcks in North Finchley !

I was rather surprised to find out that Councillor Robert Rams was responsible for a group of protestors taking over Starbucks in North Finchley on December 8th. Apparentlly Councillor Rams advised people who were fed up with Friern Barnet Library being closed to go to Starbucks ! UK Uncut and the Save Friern Barnet Library Campaign took Councillor Rams up on his suggestion and here is the video.

Whilst I am sure that many people in Barnet are pleased to see how good Rams has been at launching protest movements around the country, most of us would rather see Starbucks pay tax and use the cash to keep libraries open. It really isn't that hard an equation, is it?

Tonight may be the last Friday night that Friern Barnet library is open. To celebrate the Peoples library, we are showing "Barnet - The Billion Pound Gamble" and then having an open mic session and a gig by the 1985 line up of my band, The False Dots. It's free to get in and the fun starts at 7pm until 10pm.

Please join us.

Please also join us for the court case - Monday 17th and 18th Dec10 am at Barnet county
court regents Park Rd for the Court Hearing where the court will decide whether Barnet Council can legally close the library.

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