Thursday, 13 December 2012

Your last chance this year to see Barnet - The Billion Pound Gamble and The False Dots !

So do you have any plans for tomorrow night (Friday). If the answer is "No", tehn why not come down to Friern Barnet library for an evening of film, poetry and musical entertainment. To kick the evening off we are showing "Barnet - The Billion Pound Gamble". We then have a fantastic evening planned with poetry and live music. As the court action to evict the peoples library is occurring next Monday and Tuesday (at Finchley Court - Please come along and support us), it is possible that it will be the last ever Friday night of entertainment at the Library. As such I am honoured that the library have asked me to arrange the entertainment. I wanted to do something in keeping with the theme of the library, so I got in touch with Allen Ashley, an award winning author, who used to sing with my band - The False Dots - back in 1985. During that period we played many gigs around London as well as abroad and built up a big following.

We have not played together since, but both felt Friern Library was a suitable venue for a reunion. Initially the plan was to play an acoustic set, but a chance meeting with our ex drummer Graham Ramsey, lead to a full reunion of the band. Sadly both of the bass players we used have tragically passed away, so Fil Ross, who has played guitar with the current line up for fourteen years stepped into the breach.

Allen and myself initially approached rehearsals with a degree of trepidation. We are both very different personalities and we had a sparky relationship. When we played the songs, we found that they sounded better than ever. A couple of songs have dated (which we dropped), but the majority of the set sounds very fresh and current. We even managed to write a new song "In a Silent place", about the dangers of rekindling old relationships on Facebook. We also rearranged the song "If you don't try" to be about the closure of the Library.

We will also be having a collection for the legal fund fighting the One Barnet madness. If you care about your community, please try and come down at 7pm to the Library. We will be done by 10pm. We are planning a
drink in the Royal British Legion afterwards, if you want to make a proper night of it !

Of course, the big battle will be in the court on Monday and Tuesday. We need to make sure that we pack the venue so that Barnet can see the strength of love for the Library.

You can find out more about Allens writing at his website -

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